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Ezee foods

Over 50 years of F&B industrial experience sets the pathway towards manufacturing excellence. Fine Food is crafted authentically to suit various palates across nations and continents.

Understanding this needs, EzeeFoods has been providing solutions in the Ready-To-Eat (RTE) and Ready-To-Cook (RTC) form suitable for numerous industries and applications.

EzeeFood products come handy to anyone who travels, mass feeding, trekking, expeditions to a remote area where food is scarce or even at office pantry as a quick snack or meal.

The EzeeFood RTE can be stored worry-free ambient temperature fo up to 24 months. Consumable at “Anytime, Anywhere” at your comfort. Products are manufactured using real ingredients and it is absolutely harmless to consume also free from preservatives or any harmful ingredients.

Travel food

As oftentimes we move or travel around to places; fundamentally we need to boost energy with the right source of meals. EzeeFood able to provide a sufficient amount of strength and nutrition to keep on moving ahead along with pleasing taste.

Every packet of food is evenly sealed and pasteurized to prolong its life and shelves. Therefore, our products able to withstand any condition of weather, storage conditions, impact-proof and purpose.

Now, you may explore places with peace of mind when EzeeFood becomes your adventurous companion.

Ready to eat

EzeeFoods is a solution for many industries and consumers globally. We are constantly modernizing and expand our palatable cuisines to suit cross continents nations around the world with the highest standards of food preparations such as FSSC22000, ISO22000, HACCP, GMP, Halal, FDA and etc.

Be it meals, gravy/sauces, desserts or cooking past, all products are prepared within minutes for a pleasing feast.

Eat anywhere, anytime

“Take it Easy” when you have EzeeFood as your companion to enjoy a meal or snack “Anytime; Anywhere”.

An absolute hassle-free without any cooking required when you have EzeeFood. You may enjoy our products by just transferring heat onto the products effortlessly either by a dip into boiled Hot water or simply transfer to a microwave-safe plate for instant heat using a common microwave.

Emergency food

EzeeFood products are manufactured using state-of-the-art advanced Autoclave technology, to eliminate any forms of microbes from damaging products and is highly suitable at time of emergencies, natural disasters, mass gatherings, for armed forces, maritime and many other applications.

A perfect form of the nutritional solution during the unforeseen circumstances or distress situations.

Share your food

Primarily the ideology of prolonged shelf-stable products is researched by the army and aerospace technology division. Sooner or later it has been brought forward to consumer industries which able to solve various applications in a daily life style.

However, another highly important element achieved here is the reduction of global food wastage. With the help of technology, we are now able to minimize food wastage globally when food packets are consumed as needed only.

Furthermore, it is also the best form of Food Charity as it is manufactured robust with longer shelf life. These products are able to withstand the impact of air-drop, earthquake even tsunami.

Halal foods

Whether you are travelling deep into Chinese continents or thick jungle exploration, EzeeFood products are your best nutritional companion with certified 100% Halal by Malaysia’s leading certification body.

You are able to taste the authentic taste of your native palates prepared exceptionally following Halal principles (Strict religious hygienic guidelines) in food manufacturing.

Catering foods

EzeeFood manufacturing plant has been designed by the virtue of Japanese Lean Management ideology to minimize wastage (in all aspect) and to maximize value to the consumer.

A complete Just-In-Time supply chain able to support the philosophy of preparing food at its best quality, to cater to a wide range of needs.

EzeeFood products are catered to In-Flights, Hospitals, Mega Constructions, Armed Forces, Off-Shore (Maritime), Annual Hajj Pilgrims and many more.

Its the most comprehensive form of food catering to a wide range of applications and needs.

Food waste solutions

Fundamentally, the technology was invented to prolong the shelf-life of food for aerospace and Army industry. However, later it turns out to be one of the best methodologies of preserving food in its original nature up to 24 months minimizing food wastage as we produce for consumer industries.

Food is only opened or consumed when needed, while stocks are able to last for 2 years, whilst withstand volatility in weather conditions or even natural disasters.

Ready to cook

EzeeFood is an all-rounder when comes to provide solutions. RTE is for instant and immediate food solutions while RTC is suitable for those who prefer more freedom to adjust their food to suit their palates.

All cooking pastes are prepared based on Authentic recipes for the consumer to do some adjustments such as infusing additional amount of chillies, creams, vegetables of likings or as per individual gustation.

The end result is self-cooking satisfaction with customization of personal likings.