Established more than 40 years ago, Syed Food has been providing professional F&B solutions to various sectors in Malaysia and neighbouring countries. The organisation caters to industries that have high standards in security and safety, such as aviation, healthcare, large-scale events, and other national and international events.

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Syed Food’s state-of-the-art Food Manufacturing Plant is capable of supporting various packaging and distribution channels. The facility is designed and equipped with German Mark technology and Lean Practices from Japan to meet the highest industrial standards.

The plant is accredited and licensed by MIDA (Malaysian Investment Development Authority) as an Approved Manufacturer. Our plant is also under the guidance of MARDI (Malaysia Agriculture Research and Development Institute) in an effort to continuously improve product standards and quality for better products ready for export.

The entire plant is supported by “Delegate” and “Food Market Hub” ERP system that plans, monitors, tracks and traces operations. Real-time operations and activities are monitored to meet capacity, critical limits, scheduled productions and dispatch activities. “Monica” is another monitoring system that the plant uses to keep track of temperatures, sanitisation and progress to ensure smooth operations.

The facility is equipped with fully automatic and semi-automatic machinery to reduce human errors and manpower. Equipment are brought in from Germany, Italy, China, Taiwan, India, the US, and locally made.

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Our customers in the aviation, airport, army and other industries with high safety and security demands can rest assured of our compliance. The plant is supported by a seven-tier security – Perimeter, Premise Entry, Production Entry, CCTV cameras, Storage Safety, Production Safety (HACCP), and Transportation Safety (GPS Tracking & Lock).

Our in-house laboratory analyses every batch of food produced to ensure quality and food safety. All products are carefully labelled and coded for clear traceability.

In keeping up with our value “Lead Ahead”, the organisation is currently adopting Industry 4.0 technology such as autonomous and robotics manufacturing.